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ATOVA Newsletter - Q1 2022

Updated: Feb 27

The first quarter of 2022 has flown by!

It has been a very busy Q1 for Atova speaking at events, hiring our first regulatory and novel foods expert and working on many exciting alternative protein projects!

What happened?

The most exciting regulatory news this quarter was without doubt the European approval for Eat Just´s mung bean protein isolate! The time from dossier submission to approval was 22 months. We can't wait to see Just Egg hit the shelves here in the EU!

There was another positive EFSA opinion for pea and rice protein fermented with Shiitake mushroom mycelia as a novel food.

The key takeaways from this opinion were:

  • No toxicological studies were submitted or requested to support the safety of this product due to the nature of the novel food and the history of safe use of each of the components.

  • No allergenicity studies were performed, but the applicant did provide analytical data on the absence of food allergens and used a literature search to provide data on allergenicity of the key components.

  • The applicant requested data protection for the manufacturing process, the composition, recipe, and analysis of the novel food.

What to look out for in Q2?

The Impossible Foods soy leghaemoglobin dossier was discussed by EFSA´s GMO panel at their April plenary meeting. It will be really interesting to see the meeting minutes and see if there are any advancements.

Have a great Easter everyone!

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