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ATOVA´s Autumn Newsletter!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

✨ Our third Newsletter is here!

We are delighted to have received some fantastic feedback about our previous newsletters, so we hope this autumn edition proves to be just as useful.

Q3 has been a busy time for our industry and we have seen some very exciting breakthroughs (congratulations to Solar Foods who just obtained regulatory approval in Singapore for their microbial protein, Solein 🇸🇬 !). We’ve tried to pack in the most important updates for you to see what’s been happening globally. 🌏

After being inspired at the incredible KindEarth.Tech conference in Amsterdam this September, we kick this edition off with an interesting article about what’s going on with the farmers in the Netherlands.

Find out how things are being made clearer as more countries and regulatory agencies publish guidance around alternative protein safety, with particular focus on cultivated meat.

Discover latest news about Novel Foods in Europe and why five recent dossiers were deemed invalid. Plus, let us introduce you to a new member of our team.

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