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ATOVA head to KindEarth.Tech: What's at Stake?

On the 15th of September, Hannah, Ana, Rosalia and Maria will be attending the three day Kind Earth.Tech conference at the magnificent NEMO centre in Amsterdam.

This is a conference like no other; filled with fascinating speakers, chefs, exhibitions, tastings, break out meetings on boats, music, children’s programmes and even an alternative protein innovation bike tour! KET’s intention is to reimagine ‘the conference’. They want it to be a space for unconventional thinking, with a combination of focused content and open space for discussing and answering the key theme of the conference "What´s at stake in alternative proteins"! KET is where a group of people who know about unlocking the capability to feed the world in 2050 can get together. The plan is for these conferences to be a vehicle for change and a celebration of innovation, where those who attend are inspired and can combine bright ideas to benefit the world.

Over the three days, there are some incredible speakers covering an extensive list of topics, including our very own Dr. Hannah Lester, who will be hosting day two’s morning agenda and speaking about regulatory challenges and solutions. She says “I’m so excited to be heading to KET again! It’s another exceptional agenda with amazing and incredible people in a fantastic location. I always feel so energised after KET when I hear all the wonderful things people are doing to advance the future of food.”

This conference has Europe at its heart and hopes to promote alternatives to traditional culturally significant food. Gourmey’s Nicolas Morin-Forest will do exactly that, as he talks about the marrying of innovation and heritage with cultivated foie gras. There are also talks about making cheese great again by Eva Sommer from Fermify, impact with cheese made from Dutch beans by Brad Vanstone and the magic of cultured caviar by Henry Kunz. Plus, many more!

We’ll keep you updated about what we learn from this amazing event.

We hope to see you there!

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