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A busy September for Atova! Conference season continues...

After the extraordinary KET event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands host another exciting conference on Sustainable Plant Based Protein and Fermentation Solutuions EU, in Rotterdam this week.

It looks to be a fascinating event, with some excellent speakers covering on point topics such as the economics of the industry and the consequences on the grain market due to the Russian/Ukrainian war. Also being discussed is the all important taste and texture of products, making protein products from low value agricultural and brewery byproducts, and the variety of proteins that can be cultivated from fava beans, mycelium, sunflower and algae.

Hannah will be speaking at this event and will be sharing her expertise about novel food approval in Europe and consumer perceptions related to novel food products and appropriate labelling.

Hopefully having had time to swallow her mouthful of delicious fava-bean sausage, Hannah will then be whizzing over to Berlin to take part in a panel discussion at the New Food Conference at the impressive Axica Congress and Convention Centre on 29th-30th September, where international food professionals, scientists and politicians will have chance to network and share valuable expertise about how plant-based products, cellular agriculture and precision fermentation can create a more resilient food system for the world.

It’s exciting to see so much activity within the alt-protein industry, and with so many people learning from each other and feeling inspired, great things can continue to happen to help us create a more sustainable future.

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