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Meet Atova

Dr Hannah Lester | Amgen Consulting

Dr Hannah Lester
CEO & Principal Consultant

Hannah is a regulatory affairs expert with over 15 years experience in developing veterinary, animal feed and food products for regulatory approval in the EU and other global markets.

She has worked on cell-cultured products, plant protein isolates, fermentation products, algae and seaweeds, and traditional foods - preparing regulatory plans, providing support on study design and statistics through to preparing novel food dossiers & traditional food notifications.

She is passionate about alternative proteins and helping companies navigate the complex regulatory requirements needed for regulatory approval.

Hannah is regularly invited to speak about alternative proteins and regulations at international events. She is an expert for the Protein Directory and a Principal Consultant for Bright Green Partners. She's  a mentor for Big Idea Ventures and the ProVeg Incubator, and is a scientific and regulatory advisor for KindEarth.Tech


Rosalia Flores Vidal
Regulatory & Novel Food Specialist

Rosalía is a biotechnologist with over 5 years’ experience in food and feed regulations.

She has extensive experience with novel food registrations and has worked on plant based, fermentation, precision fermentation and cell cultured meat projects.


She has worked on some pioneering alternative protein dossiers in the EU and other markets and brings with her a huge amount of knowledge and experience.


Ana Merino 
Senior Regulatory Scientist

Ana Merino joins the technical team as a Senior Regulatory Scientist.


She is a veterinarian specialised in parasitology and has worked for the last five years in food and feed regulatory affairs, leading projects for the approval of microbial products and ingredients produced by precision fermentation.


Ana is passionate about science and sustainability and is very excited about bringing alternatives to animal food products to the food chain.


María Patón
Admin and Marketing Coordinator

María Patón is Atova’s Admin and Marketing Coordinator.

Her background is in psychology, education, art, and design. She has studied in France, England and Spain and her work experience encompasses teaching, administration, and event management. María is passionate about nature, visual communication, art, and music.


Hannes Malfroy
Regulatory and Novel Food Specialist

Hannes Malfroy joins the technical team as a Regulatory & Novel Food Specialist. He is a biotechnologist by training, with knowledge in microbiology and plant biotechnology. He has over 5 years of regulatory experience in areas ranging from plant protection products and biostimulants to food and animal feed. Hannes has worked on several alternative protein dossiers in the EU, including applications for plant protein isolates and mycelial biomasses.


Caroline Idowu
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Caroline joins the technical team as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. She is a chemist by background and has spent the last 4 years working in food and feed regulatory affairs. She has worked on a wide range of dossier projects for several global markets including alternative protein products for pets as well as on novel food and food enzyme EU dossier applications on the human nutrition side.

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